The newest version of BackShatter now supports 16 bit Image files in addition to all regular 8 bit Image files (JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TIF).

It will automatically read and write 16 bit TIF and PNG files whenever they are opened.  TIF images can be uncompressed or use lossless compression (LZW or ZIP)

Using 16 bit Image files gives you more flexibility during your post processing workflow.  It greatly reduces banding and other artifacts associated with post processing 8 bit images.  Roundtrip transfers between your RAW image processor and BackShatter will retain the 16 bit data in your image, while erasing backscatter quickly and easily.

I recommend that you use sRGB or AdobeRGB as the color space for 16 bit images when exporting them from a RAW image processor.  Other color spaces may cause color shifting.