Beta for Mac

We are looking for Beta testers for the release of BackShatter Software on Mac.

The Private Beta will be limited to ONLY 8 Testers.

Beta testing will start late-March and go for 4-5 weeks.  Please only sign up if you are available to test during this time. Beta testers will receive a free copy of BackShatter with a permanent license.

Requirements for Beta Testers:

  • Sign an NDA for the Beta period
  • Provide BackShatter with before/after copies of 8 images as examples of those tested
    • 3 images may be used by BackShatter to post for advertising purposes. (Beta Tester retains all other rights)
  • Write a short review at end of Beta period

To sign up for Beta testing, use the contact form below.  Please include:

  • Mac Computer Info – Including Model, O.S. version, and RAM
  • Type of U.W. Camera typically used.
  • Link to Website/Social Media with examples of U.W. Photography

Please provide info on Mac, UW Camera used, Strobes used, and a link to your UW Photos