New Release of BackShatter adds Global Adjustments

The latest release of BackShatter adds the ability to perform Global Adjustments of your photo, so you can fix colors, exposure, contrast, noise and remove haze while fixing the backscatter. The Global Adjustments panel gives you many options for your image processing workflow. Global Adjustments works with all image types including RAW files. Color and exposure are easily corrected.

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Latest Release of BackShatter supports 16 bit Image files

The newest version of BackShatter now supports 16 bit Image files in addition to all regular 8 bit Image files (JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TIF). It will automatically read and write 16 bit TIF and PNG files whenever they are opened.  TIF images can be uncompressed or use lossless compression (LZW or ZIP) Using 16 bit Image files gives you more flexibility during your post processing workflow.  It greatly reduces banding and other artifacts associated with post processing 8 bit…

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Free Trial of BackShatter for Mac available!

The first release of BackShatter for Mac is available for download as a Free Trial! The Free Trial contains all of the features of BackShatter for MAC and is limited in the following ways Supports opening JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP images Trial saving is limited to JPEG files Saved images for Free Trial scaled to 1600 pixels Saved images will have BackShatter watermark in corner Be one of the first people to see how easy and quickly you can remove backscatter from your…

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