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 The Settings Button brings up a dialog that lets you change some options for how you interact with the software.


  • Zoom All when Opening can be disabled to leave the zoom level the same when Opening a new file.  This may be useful when comparing before/after images.
  • Append Suffix to File Name when Saving lets you select what to append to the file name when saving, or lets you turn it off (Saving will default to overwriting the original when off).
  • Repeat Selection with Double-Click lets you disable having a Double-Click start a new selection process.
  • Ask to verify BackScatter Deselect allows you to turn on or off the dialog that pops up when you pick a backscatter area to be removed from those found.
  • Ask to verify Reprocess Changes allows you to turn on or off the dialog that pops up when you Undo and Redo while changing either Color Block or Smooth in order to change how the backscatter is processed.
  • JPEG Quality sets the quality that JPEG files are saved at.  Higher quality increases the file size.
  • Memory for Color Mask sets the amount of memory used by the Color Mask command.  This can be adjusted to prevent the program from running out of memory.  If it needs more, it will reduce the accuracy of the color mask to stay within the limit.

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