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Windows Installation

Go to the page https://backshatter.com/free-trial/ and pick the Download button.  If requested, select Download from the browser pop-up.  The file name is backshatter.msi

Install the Application – Double click the downloaded file.  The installation process will start.  You will likely get a Security Warning, or two, from Windows and your Virus Scanner. Select “Run this program anyway”. Then accept the license and install the application.

Start the Application – Select Start and BackShatter for Windows will show up in your Apps.  Click it to start the program.

When you first start the Free Trial you will see a Pop Up that says.  “No license found… BackShatter will run in Trial Mode”.  Cancel the Pop Up.  Don’t exit the application yet.

See Free Trial for an explanation of the limitations of the Free Trial of BackShatter.

Go to Purchase to buy a permanent license for BackShatter

Licensing – 

  • Before the BackShatter software will let you Save photos in all formats without a watermark, you will need to get a license file from BackShatter.
  • Start the application, and go to the Help, License command.
  • A Dialog will pop up.  There is a code with 8 digits next to the Host ID.  Copy and paste these 8 digits into an email reply of the Receipt you received when purchasing BackShatter, and send it to backshatterllc@gmail.com.
  • I will generate a license file for you and email it back.  Click on the Link in the Email.  Select Download on the web page.  Then double click on the file downloaded and it will install the License file for BackShatter.

Open a photo and start working – Use the Help pages to learn how to use BackShatter.  It’s simple, just draw a rectangle, see what was found, Find More if needed, and Process the backscatter away..

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