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Deselect a Region of backscatter

  • Currently only in Mac Beta


After using the Select Multi or Select Small commands, you will see the backscatter found outlined in Red.  Prior to processing, you can deselect any area by clicking and dragging a rectangle, using the following steps.

  • Double click inside the selection rectangle.  It will change to a darker color.
  • Using the left mouse button, click and drag a rectangle over the area of backscatter that do not want to process.
  • A Pop Up will show up asking if you want to remove the backscatter from the selection.  Select OK.  (You can disable this Pop Up, by selecting the “Don’t show this anymore” checkbox.)
  • The backscatter will no longer show up in the area you selected.
  • You can undo this removal of backscatter, by selecting the Undo button from the Tool Bar.
  • This process can be repeated until only the backscatter you want removed are in the selection.

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