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Select Multi

  The Select Multi Button is designed to be the most flexible of all of the selection commands.

After selecting this command, use your left mouse button, hold it down, and drag out a rectangle that contains the backscatter you want to find and fix.

If the selector found backscatter, it will show them as red, orange, or yellow circles.  If it hasn’t found all the backscatter in an area, don’t worry.  You can use the Find More button to loosen the criteria for finding backscatter.

The backscatter found with Select Multi are color coded based on prominence, or how bright they are compared to the surroundings.  Red and Orange are the most prominent backscatter, and Yellow the least.  This can help you determine which backscatter to process.

The first time you use Select Multi after opening a file the backscatter found are based will be those most prominent and circular.  Every time you use Select Multi after that, the size and shape parameters of the backscatter that were processed are taken into account for finding more backscatter.

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